Kenya Documentary 2017

Why this project is important:
Do you believe that children deserve to have a childhood? Do you believe that every child deserves clean water, enough food, an education, and freedom from teen marriage? So do we. 

Buzz & Amo meet:
In January, 2017, I met Christine Busby, founder of Give 35mm a registered non-profit organization. Christine "Buzz" and I hit it off immediately. Our common goals and ideas, as well as her amazing work in Africa inspired a conversation about creating a documentary about her extraordinary Kenya project in May, 2017. Her nickname is Buzz, mine is Amo - seems like a perfect pair!

photo by

photo by

The projects:
During our time in Kenya we will be finishing a project Christine started over a year ago - through teaching the children in the village photography, she has raised enough money to pay for and dig a well to bring water to this community. The women currently walk miles each way to fetch water for their families every day. 

Additionally, we will assist ten 12-15 year old  girls in into a boarding school and create funding opportunities to keep them in school. This is the only way to protect young girls from teen marriage and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation.)  "Before Maasai girls in Kenya and Tanzania are married, they must undergo circumcision in a ceremony that 99% of the time is sponsored by their prospective suitors. " (Source )

Read more about Christine's work in Kenya HERE .

Amoris' history in Africa:
The first time I went to Africa was in 2006 while shooting a documentary about Heifer International and Oregon artist, Betty LaDuke. We visited Tanzania and Rwanda and I fell in love with both countries. Our finished film "Art Reflecting Life" won the Oregon Heritage Award. You can see a brief clip HERE .

My company Hot Tea Media currently produces videos of all kinds for companies and projects around the world. You can see more of our recent projects in Peru, Utah, Alaska, and more HERE .

The final documentary will be used in fundraising efforts for the project, as an educational tool, and submitted to film festivals to share the important message. 

To donate or get involved please visit our GoFundMe page:

Amoris "Amo" Walker, Owner of Hot Tea Media

Amoris "Amo" Walker, Owner of Hot Tea Media

Hot tea media

When Amoris Walker started Hot Tea Media, the goal was not only to work with people around the world on fun, engaging, and beautiful stories; but also to give back and share messages of hope through documentaries. Our focus on connecting people is a perfect fit for non-profits and educational programs alike. 

Christine "Buzz" Busby, Founder of Give35mm

Christine "Buzz" Busby, Founder of Give35mm

Give thirty five mm

Was founded by Christine Busby, a photography by trade, to provide impoverished and underprivileged people a creative outlet through the use of photography, allowing communities to grow economically, achieve a better life, and tell their own story through creative expression.